Getting Started

I am just getting started in Blogosphere, but I think I am here to stay. No matter what I do, what I read, or hear, I always want to tell someone about it. I guess that is at least one of the purposes of a blog.

I am presently reading J. Budzeszewski’s What We Can’t Not Know, and referring quite a bit to JP II’s Fides et Ratio. I am also in the middle of Sigrid Undset’s Kristin Lavransdatter Trilogy.

There are a lot of different names I could choose for my blog. Minion of the Pope is a moniker attached to me once in jest by a colleague whose Lutheran wife publicly refers to as a lapsed Catholic. The fact that I am enthusiastic about the more recent Popes lends weight to the moniker, and the other ones I could think of were not available.

The voices in the environment in which I work, an ELCA Lutheran college, are predominantly post-modern, absolutely relativistic, and energetically intent upon making sure the students unhinge themselves from any absolute truth claims. Ironcially, many of these voices claim the higher moral ground of not having an agenda, of not knowing . Yikes!

It seems wherever I am in this environment there exists one absolute:

There is (absolutely) no knowable and objective difference between right and wrong, and anyone who thinks there is, is a simplistic fundamentalist, someone who can be ridiculed, marginalized and silenced.

So, how people find their way to one’s blog, I do not know. If you do (find your way to my blog) please post a comment!


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