Being unsure as a ruse

One must never be sure, of this the relativist is quite sure. He is sure that being sure is always wrong. In thus dismissing his absolute and moralistic adversary, the relativist dons his own sleek cloak of absolutism and moralism, a cloak quite visible to all but the relativist, like the king’s in the old fable.

Upon closer scrutiny the relativist’s supposed non-positions are exposed as quite the opposite—positions as absolute as those with which he disagrees. Real dialog is not possible until this is recognized. The relativist would then have to be about the business of defending his assertions rather than dismissing those who disagree as simpletons.

Clearly, relativists are often much surer of things than they would have you believe.

Most self-proclaimed relativists I have met are absolutely sure it is more important to protect the right to abortion (which includes the veiled right of boyfriend, spouse or parent to coerce abortion) than it is to protect the life of the unborn. Of this they are quite sure, and they’ll fight you tooth and nail if you suggest it’s actually the other way around. Even though they say they aren’t, obviously they are quite sure, or they wouldn’t fight so hard to withhold from the unborn the protection of the law.

Many self-proclaimed relativists are sure that granting people the right to kill the elderly and the infirm is a good and moral thing. Euthanasia will produce more good than the evil it will necessarily allow, they say; of this they are also sure, sure enough to push for the legal right to kill. The effects of this are beginning to be felt, as this generation, a third of which was aborted, seeks to legally “put down” its parents as you would a horse or a dog. They are sure, very sure, that this is a good thing.

And so it goes through the minefield of positions that constitute politically correct orthodoxy. Though held firmly, even dogmatically, they are defended with the false intellectual superiority of being, supposedly, unsure.


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