My Journey into the Catholic Church

A Journey Home

In April of the year 2000 the administration of Trinity International University, where I was a tenured professor, and where I had successfully and happily served for seven years, called for my resignation. I was about to be received into the Catholic Church, and that put me outside the boundaries of orthodoxy prescribed by Trinity’s statement of faith. I tendered my resignation, knowing I might never again teach at any college and that my professional life might be an uphill struggle for the rest of my life.

Many people find this difficult to swallow. You gave up your job to become Catholic?

Just to join a church? Isn’t one church basically the same as the next? Don’t they all teach about Jesus? Does it really matter which one you attend? Do you really want to go that far—endanger your career, struggle financially, be misunderstood—for the sake of Church membership? Does it matter that much which “flavor” of religion you prefer?

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5 Responses to “My Journey into the Catholic Church”

  1. Leticia Says:

    Welcome home to Rome! We love converts who make tremendous sacrifices to join our beloved Church! You remind us just how precious the fullness of the Truth is. God will bless you, be not afraid!!

  2. Leticia Says:

    Another thing; your story should be told on my favorite show on EWTN; The Journey Home. Go to
    I’ll look for it there.

  3. Dianne Says:

    Welcome Home Dear Brother!

  4. Guenther from Vienna Says:

    Thanks for this exciting testimony! 🙂
    As Leticia said: I love converts who make tremendous sacrifices to join our Church. They, again and again, remind me how precious the fullness of the Truth is.

  5. unasancta Says:

    Bist du wirklich aus Wien? Toll! Ich habe eine unaufhoerliche Hingabe an allem was deutschsprachig ist. Man koennte sagen es ist eine Liebesaffaere.

    meine e Mail ist

    Lasst uns im Kontakt bleiben


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